Training to industries

 In order to promote the concept of system engineering using microprocessor based systems, in industry, a number of training courses and workshops/seminar on the following subjects were organised:



A1) Training Courses 

a.  Microprocessor and its applications

b.  Microcontrollers and its applications

c.  Advanced microprocessors applications

d.  PC Based system design

e.  Microprocessor based systems development for Real time data acquisition control in Water resources projects.



A2) Workshops

f.   Intelligent controllers.

g.  Neural Networks.

h.  Microprocessor applications in Road Research.

i.   Microprocessors applications for Canal Control & Communications.

j.   Industries meet on Microprocessors Applications.

k.  Microprocessors applications in Water and waster water treatment plants.



A3) Seminars

l.   International Seminar on Microprocessors applications for productivity improvements – 1988.

m. National Seminar on Microprocessors applications in Industrial control – 1985

n.  International Symposium on Electronics for productivity – 1982-83