Research & Development



Application and System Software Development


A1)      Design of SLR (1) Parser Generating System

             Parser is an important part of any complier.  A Parser Generating System was developed for as part of M. Sc.  Tech. Computer Science Project (1974) at in BITS, Pilani. The Parser Generating System is an important module of complier-compiler.  The system was tested by generating parse table for FORTRAN BASIC and ALGOL.


A2)      Complier for BASIC Language

             A two pass BASIC  complier was developed and implemented on IBM-1130 Computer as part of M. Sc(Tech) project (1974) at BITS, Pilani.  The basic modules like Lexical Analyser, Parser, Code Generation etc. were developed and were tested individually and then completely integrated compiler was tested.


A3)      Simulation of Railways Subnetwork System

             This project was sponsored by Ministry of Railways.  The activities of Jhansi Railways Subnetworks were simulated.  Various data on Track layouts signaling and actual movement data on train for six months were collected and validated before representing them in computer.  The activities on Jhansi Railways Subnetworks for six months were stored as the previous historical data after evaluation.  The Event Based Simulation Model in terms of events, activities, and data were developed on IBM 1130 computer.  Various experiments were conducted on the simulated model of system and suggestion for change in physical layout were made to Indian Railways.  This project was M. Tech thesis project at BITS, Pilani (1975).



A4)       Automatic Inventory Control System

             This package was developed for the maintenance of the stock of the spares for radar and associated data processing equipments.  Apart from giving the current stock, the package facilitated the user to know the possible sources of various components and subsystems, minimum critical number of component spares necessary etc.  This system was developed at Radar and Communication Project Office on PDP-11/73 (1977).


A5)       Automatic Railway Traffic Control System

             A new approach for Dynamic Railway Traffic Control was developed.  In this approach the priority of a train keeps on changing depending on present position, time schedules, position of other trains etc.  A formula for the calculation of priority was also developed.  A computer structure as well as computer network structure to support the ARTC (Automatic Railway Traffic Control) System was also developed.  The software for automatic railway traffic control, computer network communications were validated using simulation studies.  The simulation studies were carried out to prove the efficiency of proposed system over the present system.  This was Ph. D thesis project.  The computer used were ICL-1990 A and HP 21 MX.


A6)       Intelligent Terminal Interface Software

             The SILENT 700 intelligent terminal was interfaced to Hp 21 MX computer through RS 232 C interface.  In order to fully utilise the power of intelligent terminal, interface software packages were developed to control the transmission and receipt of information in block mode in both directions.

             FORGTENKK - An intelligent interface for Fortran users of SILENT-700 Terminal was also developed.  Each statement of FORTRAN is checked by the package for errors. Only error free statements are transmitted to the computer.


A7)       Cross Assembler and Simulator

           The Cross Assembler and simulator with relocatable –linker/loader for Intel-8085 microprocessor was developed on Cyber-830 computer System.  The simulator facilitated the user to debug his program using debug commands.  User could run the assembled programs in single step or full speed mode.





Microprocessor based System Development



B1)       Microprocessor Ramtrak System

            An INTEL-8085 based system have Rational Analyser for maintenance for tracks was developed for railways. D The system logs the real time data from railway track.  The data is analysed and real time actions are initiated for Tamper Machine Control used for track maintenance.



B2)       Microprocessor based Track Monitoring System

            A joint project with RDSO, Lucknow was executed for development of microprocessor based track monitoring system.  The system is fitted in a coach called Microprocessor based Track Recording Car with transducers to measure vertical and lateral profile of the left as well as right track while the coach is running.  The system calculates the track regularities like Dynamic Cross Level, Centre Line Alignment and Dynamic Gauge and classifies the railway track in different categories based on these parameters.  After successful completion the Ministry of Railways have put the system in use in each zonal railways.


B3)       Microprocessor Based Vibration cum Speed Monitor

            The safety requirement of railway locomotive is that the lateral and vertical vibration while running should not exceed a particular set limit, along with maximum permissible speed.  The system successfully developed and field tried sense lateral and vertical vibration and speed.  The system displays the speed and vibration levels while locomotive is running and generates alarm when the any of the limits is violated.


B4)       Microprocessor Based Ride Quality Monitor

            The Ride Quality Monitor senses the lateral and vertical vibrations suffered at the coach floor, calculates and the prints the lateral and vertical and rides index for every 200 meter of the length of the railways track.  The system is being used in large numbers by Indian Railways.



B5)       Real Time Wheel Data Analyser

            All railway wagon under go a vehicle clearance test.  During this test, the forces in vertical and lateral direction are measured to find out the derailment coefficient and various statistics of the two forces.  The microprocessor based system collects the data on lateral and vertical forces from the instrumented wheel and calculates the derailment coefficient as well as other statistics in real time.


B6)       Co-relation Analyser

             In research investigation, co-relation between two variables is often required to estimate the degree of co-relation between them, line of best fit and standard error.  The standard error is a measure of scatter in data and can be used to draw regression line of known probability Co-relation Analyser developed, accepts two analog signals real time and calculates degree of co-relation and standard error.


B7)       Random block programmer

             The system has been developed and installed in Fatigue Testing Laboratory of RDSO Lucknow.  The system is used for testing the life of components and big structure such as bridges, girders by simulating actual loading conditions.  The system generates different wave shapes.  The amplitude and wave shapes (cycle) can be programmed easily through easy to use keyboards.


B8)       Flash Butt Weld Monitor

             The system developed and installed at Merrut Flash But Weld Plant of Indian Railways monitors in real time a number of parameters like Temperature, Butting pressure, Flash current etc. and determines whether a weld was perfect or not.


B9)       Automatic Railway Track Survey System

             The Track Survey Plots are required to but utilised for processing preliminary traction overhead equipment design for railway electrification.  The system developed measures linear distance along railway track, transverse distance across railway track and track curvature versine with a view to plot track survey plan.


B10)     Control 85 System

             Control 85 is a general purpose 8 bit 8085 Microprocessor based system which facilitated the development of any 8085 based system for data logging and control applications.  The system was modular with ADC, DAC, Memory modules available in different cards with timer/counter and printer interfaces.



B11)     Road Geometry and Roughness Measurement System

             The system was developed for CRRI to measure vehicle speed, Road Gradient, Road Roughness, Horizontal curvature as well as Fuel consumption.  The system has been integrated with sensors fitted in Road Survey Car of CRRI for carrying out survey of road.  The system calculates and prints the result in real time.


B12)     Water Flow Monitoring System

             A project to develop Data Acquisition System for monitoring the Water Flow in clear water lines of Water Treatment Plant was initiated.  The system after successful hardware and software development has been installed in Bhagirathi Water Treatment Plant under Delhi Water Supply.


B13)     Driver Evaluation System

             Testing or training an automobile driver on actual automobile is a cumbersome, time consuming expensive and risky task.  To facilitate the evaluation of drivers by road authorities the driver evaluation system has been developed.  The system works in the simulated environmental i.e. the steering wheel, accelerator, break, clutch etc. have been instrumented and the signals are taken to computer in a stationary vehicle body.  The software developed on the computer carries on the test and evaluates the testee.  The system after development is installed in Central Road Research Institute.





Automation projects 



C1)       Water Treatment Plant Automation

             In order to achieve an optimum quality of purified water output, energy saving, increase in plant life and also reduction in the chemical use for purifications of water in water treatment plant, a joint project to develop and establish the Automation Technology in Water Treatment Plants was initiated.  The projects involve complete systems engineering, software as well as hardware development for Distributed control.  The system design and engineering has been completed.  The project initiation involved liaison with Delhi Water Supply and USAID who are also supporting the project.  The project is being executed through M/s.  IL (K) Ltd.



C2)       Irrigation Canal Control and communication

            A project on Canal Control and Communication in Irrigation on Khadakwasla Canal was initiated.  After considerable efforts Ministry of Irrigation, Government of Maharashtra had agreed to support the project partly.  The objective of project is to establish the technology for Irrigation Canal Automation.  It will ultimately lead to equitable distribution of Water to all farmers.  The project involved communication network planning, systems, selection for telemetering and telecontrol and software development for efficient reservoir operation, irrigation scheduling, steady state simulation model, and management information system for canal operation.  The project is being executed through M/s. CMC Ltd.


C3)       Teesta Barrage Irrigation Project

            This is replication of Technology developed under Khadakwasla Canal Automation Project in Teesta Irrigation Canal, Government of West Bengal.  The development of software as well as integration of computer network has been completed.


C4)       AP Irrigation Information System

            This is technology replication project being carried out at Nagarjuna Sagar Irrigation Canal.  The project implementation is in progress.


C5)       Tea Process Automation

            A project for Integrated Automation of Tea Process has been conceptualized and is under execution at present.


C6)       Waste Water Treatment Plant Automation

            A project for automation of Okhla Waste Water Treatment Plant has been conceptualised and is under implementation.  The project contains Distributed Digital Control Systems spread over a large area of the plant with network based monitoring and control.