A1)       Provided consultancy for setting up of Microprocessors based System Design and Training laboratory of NTPC, Delhi College of Engineering, RDSO, Lucknow National Physical Laboratory.


A2)       Consultancy on Electronics Voting Machines- Electronics Voting Machines were first developed using microprocessor kits in the laboratory.  The concept was shown to Election Commission.  Later the voting machines developed by BEL, and ECIL were evaluated in the laboratory and suggestion for improvements were given.  Also worked as a member of working group and participated in the discussion on the price and manufacturing plan.


A3)       Consultancy to CRIS, Ministry of Railways on Systems selection for project on Train Information System for Northern Railways.


A4)       Consultancy on Banks security network.  Banks security network systems were planned and the system design was worked out.  The system was then got developed through PRL, Ahmedabad.  The system was later installed and demonstrated in Delhi.


A5)       Automation in Rail Coach factory-Feasibility report on Microprocessor Applications for Productivity improvements in Rail manufacturing at ICF Madras was submitted to Ministry of Railway.


A6)       Wireless Alarm System for Modern Art Gallery.  The feasibility study of security System at Modern Art Gallery as carried out and a proposal for security-using Microprocessors based Wireless Alarm System was prepared and submitted.


A7)       Fatigue Testing laboratories, RDSO, Lucknow – The Modernisation of Fatigue, Testing Laboratory was planned using Microprocessor based Systems and actuators. Also participated in the tender evaluation and System selection.