1. Continuously delivering different computer science courses in JIIT, Sector - 128 Noida since January 2010. In addition to responsibilities as Dean.


2. Delivered Microprocessor and Applications course in Delhi University for MCA students.


3. Delivered course on Computer Control of Processes in Delhi University for 3 years.


4. Delivered Computer System Organization course in JIIT Noida for 1 Semester.



Research & Development


a. Designed and developed a number of Hardware and Software Systems for applications in real life.

b. Conceptualised and coordinated the implementation of a large number of projects in Railway, Road and Water Sectors.


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Provided Technical consultancy for many application projects in various sectors.


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Training to Industries


Organised a large number of training courses/workshops/Seminars. for Technology promotion.

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Papers/Presentations/Invited Lectures/Keynote Address.



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Books Authored and Edited



1. Microprocessor based Data Acquisition System Design, Tata McGraw Hill (1987)


2. Microprocessors Applications for Productivity improvements, Tata McGraw Hill (1988) – co.edited


3. Computer based Industrial Control, Prentice Hall of India (1997)


4. Digital Control Systems 2001, Indian Society for Technical Education (2001)


5. Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Architecture Programming and System Design, Prentice Hall of India (2007).


6. An Introduction to Microprocessor and Applications by Macmillion (2009)


7. Microprocessor Based Agri Instrumentation by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. (2010)